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Each week as we compile the images to be displayed during the opening of worship, I am struck by how much happens here at this busy congregation in a week. Though a fraction of what occurred prior to these last three years, I still marvel at the many ways we have to connect.

As we finish our third congregational year impacted by the pandemic, I am filled with gratitude for all of those who have helped us make it through. So many people doing so much have made it possible—our volunteers, our leaders, the dedicated Board (many members of which are still working and so do this on top of the COVID demands of their own jobs), our donors, and our staff and ministers. So many are needed in this time when it truly does take a village to do so many things.

If you have ushered, shown up, helped prepare a meal, schlepped things outside to the patio, helped with one of the many Celebrations of Life we have done, helped a member who is relocating, given someone a ride, or run an errand for someone, written postcards, shown up to make an event fun, watched on-line even when you weren’t sure you were in the mood for screens, listened to a church friend who needed a listening ear or contributed in any way—THANK YOU!

Our world has changed in so many way—and what has remained the same is the dedication to connecting, caring, and living our values out into our community. All of this is what has allowed us not only to survive these years, also to continue to grow and change, to add new faces and new leaders, and to celebrate existing ones.

For all of this, deep gratitude, 


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