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Peace on earth and good will towards all. This is one of the traditional messages of the season, and yet as we approach the end of the year, I find it hard to even comprehend applying that standard to the world as we know it.  As I write, people are seeking more permanent shelter after the worst wildfire season in our state’s history, the migrant families—including children—have been teargassed by US troops at our border, and we continue to hear denial from our leadership of critical issues such as climate change and complete disregard of the crisis of income inequality. Where might peace and good will be found in all of this?

And yet as hard as it is for me to apply the “peace and goodwill” standard to the world of 2018, it is easy for me to point to many places it is found within our own communities. People around the nation have offered assistance to the Camp Fire and other fire victims. People who have little on both sides of the border have made sure that meals are provided and clothing and other essentials found for the asylum seekers and their families. MDUUC’s members showed up in force to support the Transgender Day of Remembrance in the year when that community faced erasure by a bully pulpit. Many within our own community are learning to tend their own spirits and so have remained engaged through all these many months of difficulty.

Peace and hope, connection and community are local products and we are continuing to generate them within our own hearts, within the walls of our beloved community and out in the world where our members and friends bring so much to so many.

So I will wish you all “peace on earth and goodwill towards all” and each time I hear that sentiment this holiday season, I will take a moment and be grateful for the seeding of hope and promise, love and unity that touches my life through our community.

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