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Seen any beakers in the Sanctuary? Test tubes in the Children’s Chapel? I ask because I know we have been doing some good experimenting in the laboratory of the congregation in this first year of implementing our Make It So 2020 goals. I think about it that way often, that what we do together is a good practice and experimentation for other aspects of our life. We might take on being a leader if we have never led before or in an area in which we have never led before. We might try to allow others to offer guidance, comfort or support if that is something that we have never experienced before. We might practice new nurturing practices to sustain our health and breath in these troubling and demanding times. We might experience renewed trust in a democratic process, especially one that is done within the deep work of Covenant as a way to reassure ourselves that the Democratic principles that are so important to so many of us are not gone but simply need revamping for new times. We might try listening to new truths, or to new voices that we have not ever been able to hear before.

As we enter into the last quarter of this program year, I am awed by the places we are experimenting and trying things on. Some of our experiments have gone well and others have taught us new lessons. I celebrate that we have had difficult conversations and done so in a manner that is respectful and covenantal. I honor that those of us who have stayed in conversation with one another have been able to learn from one another’s points of view. I celebrate that we have welcomed brilliant new folks into our ministry team, especially Rev. Neal Anderson and indigo Lewis, our devoted new Director of Lifespan Religious Education. I honor that we have a renewed commitment to stewardship to be sure that these new people and their wonderful families will continue to settle in well. I am pleased that we have welcomed back Jen Marsh to take our communications to the next level.  I celebrate that we have expanded our options for living our values, for serving our families, and for being exuberantly Multicultural. And I celebrate that we are more clearly speaking of our need for continued and expanded stewardship with new ways to give time that fits today’s schedules and reminders that dollars help support all that we do.

So many gather each week. For worship, leaning, restoration of the spirit, to learn how to resist injustice and live our values, for community and care and fellowship. We live in times of great ferment and change and we hold the seeds which remind us that much hope is amid the buds, with our strong roots holding us. I celebrate this community of memory and hope and its commitment to being an imperfect and yet implacable, resilient and renewing, aspirational and inspirational.

Please come and Celebrate on Commitment Sunday, March 11.
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