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January 4, 2019

This weekend between the holidays I took my dogs over to the Diablo Valley College campus, which was of course empty. I took them there because I’m rehabilitating my ankle and getting used to walking the 100 pounds of pulling canine again. And because I love the private explorations of public spaces in those odd interstitial times.

The abandoned campus was perfect because I wanted a place that was particularly flat and particularly uninhabited by distractions that would warrant pulling. I like to walk on public in public spaces, especially when they are quiet and vacant. I remember teaching my daughter how to drive in the local high school parking lot over the summer—and I saw three cars doing the same thing. I also saw a toddler riding his new bike, a fledgling Seque learner and a number of other canine parents. One man was very meticulously washing his car.

These holidays times let us see the familiar through those fresh eyes again. I remember walking a previous dog on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Campus where we allowed the dog the privilege of dictating where we would go. We would see the campus from a dog’s eye view, up stairwells and down stairwells and behind dumpsters and on and on. It was a very interesting experience.

This year may we have the gift of seeing the familiar anew.  And time for reflection and play and peace and healing.

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