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It Is Time To Bid4Love 2020! Your Donations Needed TODAY!

It Is Time to Bid4Love 2020!
Your Donations Needed TODAY!

Bid4Love 2020!
Yes, it may feel like an odd time to remind folks that MDUUC’s annual fundraiser is quickly approaching. But, YES, it’s almost here:

Bid4Love 2020!

Clearly, these are times like no other and our Bid4Love 2020 events will reflect the necessary precautions of these times.

You’ve now heard from the MDUUC Board about our upcoming Bid4Love 2020 kickoff PARTY on Saturday, November 7 (via zoom) where we hope you’ll dress up in your best party attire!

Though these times are unfamiliar for many, what is familiar is our need for your generous donations of marvelous, pandemic-sensitive, community-centric events, artisan crafts, and new items.

Event Ideas

Car tours. Take a lovely drive in separate vehicles highlighting a favorite landscape or perhaps important historical or cultural sites. With the right app, phones can make sharing your knowledge between stops a snap.

Hikes and bike rides. Share your favorite trail or route. No need to provide food but if you do, pick up prepared sandwiches at your favorite deli.

Meals. Donated events which include a meal must only use commercially prepared individual meals or commercially prepare buffet food served by a public health certified server or a professional caterer. Equally important, all donated events must occur outside and provide a 6 foot buffer between guests with masks. We know many of us don’t have the yard space to accommodate such events. Or partner with someone willing to deliver food so you can have a shared experience of the same great food! We hope to be able to offer the church courtyard, or perhaps you can team up with a church member who has a large inviting yard to hold your fabulous event.

Share Skills

Share your fabulous skills via zoom gatherings or in some cases outside in small groups. Know how to wrap that exquisite holiday gift, make a bird house, coil a clay pot, cook a soufflé, or taste wine? Show us! We know we are a artistically and aesthetically talented congregation. Your skills can be shared via zoom gatherings or perhaps held outside in small groups.

Donate a vacation location.

We know some of us are lucky enough to have timeshares or second homes. In this era when many feel uncomfortable staying in public accommodations and when , this could be a huge gift to donate a chance to get out of town. If shares are transferable or second homes available consider donating a few nights at what must surely be a treasured place for you!


Do you know how to knit? How to cook an amazing crepe? To decorate holiday cookies? Whatever your skill, we can help you teach it via ZOOM and provide a fun learning experience with friends.


Perhaps you’re a certified rosarian, a skilled plant pruner, an exceptional errand runner or a pick up truck owner available to cart discards to the landfill or the Habitat for Humanity Reuse store. Consider donating your services.

New and Artisan Items

Perhaps you have a new item still in the box or with dangling labels which is taking up space. Consider donating that still-in-the-box ceramic crock pot from Costco or that never-used salad bowl from Target.

Are you a maker of lovely jewelry, fabulous fabric art, or beautifully crafted and utilitarian wood pieces? Here’s your opportunity to share your creations with the church community.

Gift Cards or Certificates

Consider donating a gift card or certificate to a favorite restaurant or retailer. You’ll not only be helping MDUUC but also local business!


We know these are challenging times! And we also know this community is up to the task. We look forward to receiving your donations –and looking at your creativity and ingenuity.

If you’re able to donate in any way following the list of suggestions above, please complete the Bid4Love 2020 donation form which you can complete HERE.  If you’re unsure about what you can donate, please call us and we’ll gladly help you!

Your Bid4Love 2020 Committee.


Peggy Kroll
Gloria Wiley
Peter Morse

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