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How do we embrace the mystery and miracle of this season?

Here is a meditation for these days:

How do we embrace the mystery and miracle of this season?

Listen to the voice which speaks to you of things less known. Harken to the impulse which causes you to notice what you might pass by. Imbibe the heartbeat of a timeless rhythm that reminds us that the seasons transcend the small doings of humanity. Behold loose laughter as it echoes across a darkened hall. Receive the miraculous when we are given more than we expect. Take the small gifts and watch how they expand in the embrace of our intention. Move across the busy back of this season to see the landscape of mystery and miracle. Rejoice.

These closing days of the year are guests who bring their baggage. Welcome them with firm and gentle grace and show them the place where those vessels can be stored. If you wish to unpack them or see their contents, you will know the strength you need. If you want only in this year to sip warm comfort with familiar guests, you have the power to make this choice as well. You will welcome what you wish and you will also create the tableau for hospitality. You are stronger than your memories and an actor in your own story.

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