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Comfort me

In the name of all that is holy and sacred, that is precious and valued, hear our cry today:

We are angry that the world cannot hear the truths all around us:

  • The truths of those who would help prevent more damage to our earth;
  • The truths of those who would hear the voices of those who have been injured through sexual assault;
  • The truths of those who know the way the diseases of addiction can make people vindictive and self;
  • The truths of those most marginalized—people of color, transgender, disabled, economically disenfranchised—who are always vulnerable; and
  • The greatest truth that all people are worthy of respect and that we are dependent on one another.

Allow us the space for the expression of this anger, now and then let us be rising green—like the blade of spring, putting our limited energy into new growth, growth in purpose and growth of resolve.

And spirit, we ask, that we be of good faith enough to act, act to keep the earth forever turning, this earth which relies on justice. Though it may seem as if this is a time of despair, let us remember that those who were enslaved lived to be free, that women who were once property lived to be enfranchised, that we have before seen the error of our ways and sought new technologies to live so that all may live.

It may seem as if we face an unstoppable enemy out there—the greatest threat is within us, that we will lose hope and in doing so will stop making the difference which just might be the turning.

Let us turn the anger where we start into righteous action and not apathy and despair and cynicism.  We do not know if what we can do will be enough to save this world and our ideals, we do know that choosing to do nothing will lead to their certain death.

Hear our prayer, our deep ask this morning and may we be the ones to recommit to doing what is in our power to turn back the tide of fear and greed and hate and the most dangerous, apathy.

May we today commit to being the ones to make it so.

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