Church On The Go–Yay!

I find myself happy when people tell me that they’re not coming to church these days. The conversation often goes something like this: “I just wanted to let you know how important it’s been to me to be at church almost every week for the last year and a half, because you all were there and so consistent. And I’m going to miss this week because I’m going to be with family/friends in person.” It just makes me so happy to know that people are starting to connect with those nearest and dearest to them whom they haven’t had an opportunity to be with for such a long time. And then to hear the stories of what those reunions also have been a great joy as we go into this time of re-emergence from our shared pandemic experience.

This summer, unlike last, many of us hope to be traveling with many taking off in July and August. One thing to remember is for all of our services, we have the capacity to watch all our services virtually no matter where we are, as well as later in the week, since we keep the full service on-line for a week (sermons, meditations and other elements live longer than that in our archive which you can access through our website at This is one of those new “traditions’’ that we will take forward. So when you need some quiet respite in the middle of the week, you can watch the service or when you have something you really wanted to hear or to hear the music, you can listen to it again.  You can also listen to our Friday meditations and our vespers services as well. How fortunate we are to have these ways to keep in contact with each other and stay connected to what’s going on in our community.

Just another way we can show up for one another.  This is one of the gifts of community.

I am so grateful to serve as your minister.

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