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Abundance As The Lens….

Abundance As The Lens….

This month in our weekly vesper’s service, we are focusing on the spiritual practice of seeing the world through the lens of abundance rather than scarcity. So easy to say and so hard to do… I share some words from last week’s service here:

No matter how many of us, we are abundant. No matter how few of us, we are enough. No matter how much our hearts must hold, we have room for appreciation and exaltation. No matter how much we know, we always have room for new illumination. No matter how fractured the world can seem, we will be given moments which unite the parts and give us glimpses of wholeness. May we begin in gratitude this evening for the gifts of abundance.

The point is not to belittle ourselves when we slip into the oh-so-prevalent dominant thinking that anything you have will take away from me.  Instead we offer an affirmation to ourselves and out into the world:

May abundance be the lens I give myself.

May abundance be the gift I bestow upon those I love.

May abundance be the place I meet my neighbors.

May abundance be the offering I make to a troubled world.

May abundance be the dance of my days.

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