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Living in An imperfect World

Once again this week reminds us of what an imperfect world we live in. Trying times. As we keep going amid the stress of watching many things we care about being dismantled, we also need to embrace that this can make us less tolerant of our own imperfection and that of others.

Whether we are choosing to engage with the troubles of our nation directly or whether we are choosing to try to create a “news-free” node in our life, what we need is an awareness and patience with ourselves and with others around us. We need to be able to do what we can do without being overwhelmed if we cannot do it all.

I had that kind of week. My electronic calendar blurped (my word for when it doesn’t keep its commitments!) and we discovered flaws in the systems we run despite the enormous commitment we have to making the congregation serve all well. The elected leader of our nation disparaged whole nations of people in a display that was culturally insensitive at best and we began to see the real policy changes for people who are dependent on public resources.

In all of this, we just keep doing what we can. Expressing our sorrow and apologizing when things don’t go as we want them to do and doing our best to make amends, whether the aggrieved parties will accept them or not. We make our signs and bear witness on the street corners that the dream of great leaders such as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr are not dead. We allow ourselves to be the keepers of the seeds of hope, fanning the small embers of faith whenever we can.

We keep being present. We keep showing up. We keep recognizing the ways others show up and are present. We keep bearing witness. We keep the faith.

In faithfulness and hope,



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