Worship Four Ways Coming to MDUUC

Beginning in September, we will be beginning to hold activities back in our buildings. While conditions always could require a change, the current plan is to offer smaller group activities in buildings. We will also be offering virtual participation whenever possible. In this particular time, no one way can fit all people’s health and emotional support needs so we have options:

Register early to join in the sanctuary—seats will be distanced but NOT 6 feet so are limited.

Watch outside on the patio where we will have speakers and screens. This will be where we will encourage families to start and where we will be having our Time for All Ages as it is not safe for children under 12 to be in the Sanctuary during Sunday worship at this time.

Register for a seat to join others watching the stream together in Bortin Hall where we will have 6 feet distancing between all seats.

Watch at home virtually.

However you chose to participate, we know we will need all of us to bring our best spirits and cooperation and covenant.  Here are some good things to remember:

Please register for inside seating which will be limited!

Please remember that masking is a requirement for all indoor activities.

Nope, we can’t sing together yet so come and make a shaker egg on September 4.

What we need to make this work:

People willing to host our virtual connection one time a month

Extra ushers because we will have multiple spaces!

Good humor when things don’t go as planned

Diligence about not coming to campus if we are feeling at all unwell. Physicians are now saying if you have ANY symptoms you should remain at home, including a runny nose, cough or sneezing which is not chronic.

Masks on campus are required for all events!

Why no live congregational singing in worship?

Are you wondering why we are STILL not singing at MDUUC? Singing is one of our favorite activities to do together—and unfortunately, it is one of the most effective ways to spread the airborne, droplet-carried Covid-19, especially this new highly infectious Delta variant.  The UUA has recently issued new guidance on congregational singing where they conclude with regret that we should not be singing together YET. Sing! The Center for Congregational Song, which represents choral leaders from around the nation has also reached the same conclusion even though many of its members depend on live singing for their livelihood. We look forward to the days when we can sing together again. In the meantime, let’s truly encourage ourselves and one another by dancing, clapping, snapping, shaking and making other joyful noises!

Smoky Air?

Check Purple Air! With the smoke of the wildfire season now upon us, you can check out the air quality. We will also be cancelling outdoor activities if the air quality is over the moderate level AQ 100 ((people can also set their own standards and monitor as well and decide to leave activities early as for some people even moderate poor air is an issue).  MDUUC now has a monitor on the campus AND will be adding a second indoor monitor in the Gilmartin building which will give us pretty accurate readings right on campus.  Want to learn more? Check out purpleair.com which is a free app which you can use to monitor air quality. Go to https://www.purpleair.com to download the app or see the map on your browser

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