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Thank you for showing up! You made a difference last week

Dear Friends,

Last week, our congregation made a difference.

On Tuesday so many of you attended the various meetings of the Contra Costa County Commissioners and while this outcome did not reflect our values we made those values known. Many MDUUC voices were heard in the hours of public comment, joining with the voices of our neighbors many of whom as people of color or immigrants are often discounted and demeaned. We were there in response to their call and asking for a fair and equitable justice system.

And last Sunday, that special MDUUC hospitality was extended and we raised over $6500 towards the release of people held under ICE detention in our jail. Our Bortin Hall held an array of musical gifts, many coordinated by the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County—and was packed with people wanting to do what they can to help keep families together. an event of that magnitude off in July was no easy feat and we are grateful for the leadership of Harry Miller and the contributions by Scott Schrader and Daniel Zwickel ben Avram. Mark Tuning did miracles with the sound board and we saw the premiere of the Interfaith Justice Choir with many MDUUC stalwards under the leadership of Rev. Ranwa Hammamy! Chuck Rosene worked tirelessly on logistics and then showed his licks as part of the Bluescasters.

Putting our values where they matter, finding time when it is important and providing leadership in the community is what this valiant religious community did last week. So much heartbreak continues in this world—please take a moment and rest in the knowledge of where we made a difference.

Once again, we face a summer filled with fear and tragedy, and yet doing what we can matters. In these times, noticing this is worth note.

In gratitude,
Rev. Leslie Takahashi

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