Neighborhood Networks

Neighborliness Might Help in Trying Times...

COVID-19 is making many of us feel disconnected and a little unnerved. Hence all MDUUC members should have received an email tonight which invites you to “meet” some neighbors. As you may know, we have placed all of our members in "neighborhood networks" geographically. The people in the network you are in live closer to you in real-time.

We thought it would be helpful to jingle these networks so if someone is in a high-risk group and is not feeling capable of running to the store for milk or whatever, a neighbor might be a help. We will be offering virtual programming using our LiveStream and the Zoom platform and a neighbor might be able to show you how to use those on your computer. You may be able to share more local closures and information about them. Other folks may just want to be able to reach out and say hello if they are feeling disconnected. The address in your “TO” field of the email you received should allow you to say hi! Maybe to start you can share something you are doing and enjoying as an inspiration for one another. When convening in real-life returns, we will be gathering people by neighborhoods and we are open to groups that want to volunteer to try to have a “virtual” coffee together by Zoom.

Let's explore how to make the most of virtual connections.

If you need to be added to a neighborhood network, please email