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MDUUC Congregation Presents Rev. Leslie Takahashi Stole & Honorarium

Lead Minister is Prestigious Berry Street Essayist at Upcoming General Assembly (GA) of UU Congregations in Spokane, WA

At the June 2, 2019 Annual Meeting, the Congregation of Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church (MDUUC) honored Lead Minister Rev. Leslie Takahashi, with a surprise gift of a handmade stole, with themes from MDUUC’s Make it So: 2020 Vision, plus an honorarium over $2000 largely from small gifts from many, many of the 500+ members.  Following are highlights of the presentation:

The idea was Sally Edgerton’s.  The creation was lovingly quilted by Julia MacLeod and Mary Helen Binger. And secret kept by hundreds of MDUUC members and friends over many months!

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