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Board Approves Measures For Virtual Governance

Board Approves Measures for Virtual Governance

MDUUC’s 10-person board of trustees conducted a first all-board ZOOM meeting Tuesday, March 24, 2020, approving multiple measures to strengthen and streamline virtual governance in this demanding time – as well as authorize needed repairs. Following a unanimous vote via email last week to approve extending Winter Nights hosting for three weeks on campus, MDUUC’s board unanimously approved the following March 24th:

  • Vote 1: Approve Agenda
  • Vote 2: Approve Consent Agenda (including Place Council request for funding to replace water and gas shutoff valves ($8500) and upgrade Bortin Hall fire monitoring system ($1800); appoint Laura Ransom and Dan Barnard to the Personnel Committee
  • Vote 3: Motion to allow virtual membership followed by signing the book at a later date.
  • Vote 4: Motion to establish virtual community pantry using escrip program and email, aimed at Contra Costa County neighbors, especially those affected by COVID-19.
  • Vote 5: Motion to close campus buildings to all members with explicit exceptions given by Ministers or staff only.
  • Vote 6: Motion to include Zoom meeting scheduling of events through office as well.
  • Vote 7: Motion to approve the recommendation of Financial Stewardship Council to use up to $100,000 in undesignated endowment funds for unexpected, emergency maintenance and repair costs.

MDUUC’s board meets monthly, on the fourth Tuesday of the month, which will be conducted via ZOOM while California’s ‘Shelter in Place’ order is in effect.  Questions or suggestions for agenda inclusion should be directed to

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