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Living Our Values

At Mt. Diablo UU Church we strive to bring to life our Unitarian Universalist values as we seek truth and work for justice and bridge the divisions that wound the human family. This is a place to learn a little about what is happening in our world and find quick ways you can take action. If you have suggestions, email

If you are looking for others who are like-minded in their Justice efforts, consider meeting with our partners at Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministries of California (UUJMCA) injustice focus groups.  These are amazing and I attend the Racial Justice one that has been just incredible.



Bridges are crumbling, schools are broken, communities have been left behind, and we need to invest in green technology. That (and more) is why we need to pass a strong infrastructure bill.  Please consider signing this petition to your members of Congress: Federal infrastructure bill must be big, bold and green to meet the enormous challenges we face.

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President Biden announced a bold, ambitious emissions target under the Paris Agreement, to cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 50-52% below 2005 levels by 2030. This not only reestablishes our nation’s role as a global leader on climate but will help us to build the clean energy workforce of the future. Show your support for this bold but achievable commitment to climate action and help secure a zero-emission future!

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Southern California has the dirtiest air in the nation. Diesel particulates fill our skies with cancer-causing bits of unburnt fuel, carbon, metal shavings, and chemicals. Low-income families and communities of color bear the brunt of the impact due to freeways built through their neighborhoods and the ever-growing network of warehouses.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) will be considering landmark rules to reduce pollution from warehouses. Proposed Rules 2305 and 316 would require warehouses to choose from a menu of options to reduce air pollution. These options include purchasing clean trucks, installing charging and fueling infrastructure and more.

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The voting rights of America’s Voters of Color and Youth Voters are under attack nationally by state legislators introducing and passing laws to suppress their participation in elections. Meanwhile, big business and billionaires are able to spend unlimited amounts of funding to buy our elections.  Consider joining a COVID-safe in-person local voting rights motorcade!  




Our Interfaith partners at Faith in Action East Bay have trained several of us on the important work of Belong Circles.  A Belong Circle is an intentional gathering of 10 people who believe in a world of equity and dignity for each of us. Belong Circles are a response to a narrative that tells us it is either us or them, dividing us and making us believe there is not enough for all to thrive. These provide spaces for us to build relationships of trust, connect across our differences, imagine what our communities should be, and create opportunities to turn this vision into reality by taking prophetic action together.  We are actively looking for 8-10 participants who will be willing to meet for 4 sessions of about 1-2 hours each starting in April.  These circles will include people from the MDUUC community, the Kensington UU Church, and other individuals from Contra Costa County.  Please consider signing up to participate in this unique community-focused 4-part session.  To join, please email and put in the subject line “Belong Circles”.  Thanks so much for all you do for this congregation and our wider community!



Join UUJMCA and our California partners for our 2021 Regional Justice Convenings!

These convenings are an opportunity to deepen our faith-rooted work for justice, learn about active legislative efforts and statewide actions, and take a "deep dive" into UUJMCA's Core Campaigns for 2021 (including Defund Police, ICE out of California, Fossil Free California, and Medicare for All).

Northern California

Friday, May 14th (evening, optional) & Saturday, May 15

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No kid should ever be excluded from playing sports or denied the gender-affirming health care they need just for being themselves. But legislatures in over 30 states are trying to do just that—attacking trans kids for being who they are, openly.1 These abhorrent attacks can't stand.

That's why we need to pass the Equality Act—NOW! The U.S. House has already passed this vital piece of legislation with bipartisan support, and now it's up to the U.S. Senate to pass it. President Joe Biden has already promised to sign it into law, so the time is now to let our senators know that we're counting on them to do the right thing, without delay.

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On April 28, senators heard from Candace Jackson-Akiwumi, nominee for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Jackson-Akiwumi is currently in private practice but spent most of her career as a long-term federal public defender in Chicago. She and Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, another of Biden’s eminently qualified nominees, would be the first Black women to be confirmed to a Circuit Court in ten years. Consider signing if you agree that we must prioritize putting public defenders on the federal bench. Confirm Candace Jackson-Akiwumi.

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The For the People Act would make it possible for all Americans to vote by mail, end partisan gerrymandering at the federal level, combat the role of dark money in politics, and more. Most importantly, it would prevent Republicans from staying in power by making it harder for their constituents to vote them out.

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