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The Immigration Justice Task Force, a committee of the MDUUC Social Justice Council, seeks to bring life to our Unitarian Universalist values by:

  • Seeking truth about U.S. immigration policy
  • Working for justice for immigrant communities in our county, state, and nation

Our ongoing activities include:

  • Visiting immigrants in detention
  • Helping immigrants after they are released
  • Attending interfaith vigils at the West County Detention Facility
  • Nurturing compassion and the courage to reach out to each other, the larger community of faith, immigrant communities, and the general public with a message that bridges the divisions causing suffering to the most vulnerable

What We Have Done

The Immigration Justice Task Force convened in 2010 shortly after the Pacific Central District passed a resolution opposing Arizona’s anti-­immigration law (SB 1070). Our first public act was a resolution against that law. This was the beginning of many public advocacy actions taken by the Task Force. In every case, we have spoken out of our faith.

As an example, every May we join other Unitarian Universalists on California Immigrant Day organized by one of our partners, the California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC), to educate California legislators about important pending bills affecting immigrants.

What We Are Doing

We educate the congregation about immigration issues, raise awareness about the plight of immigrants detained by the U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) agency, and publicly witness and advocate for immigrant justice, especially comprehensive reform of our broken immigration system.

Our activities encompass work with individual immigrants and their families, partnerships with advocacy groups, and efforts to change laws and policies violating basic human rights and due process.

Our work takes us to the offices of local police chiefs, county supervisors, and the sheriff; to Sacramento to visit the governor and state legislators; and to our Congressional representatives to address reform of the broken federal immigration system.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Suzanne Llewellyn or Ruth Hiranoat by e­mail at

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