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Our society’s economic policies and practices are unjust in many ways, causing severe hardship on our most vulnerable neighbors. Mt. Diablo UU Church has long been involved in addressing these policies and practices. [Social Justice History PDF.] Responding to the pervasive injustices that mark our economic institutions, Unitarian Universalist values call us to work for measures that will further economic justice, including:

  • A living wage that honors the dignity of workers and enables them and their families to fully realize their sacred humanity
  • Protections for all workers to insure their safety, their right to organize and bargain collectively, and their job and retirement security
  • An equitable tax system without preferences for wealthy individuals and corporations at the expense of the poor and the dwindling middle class
  • Affordable health care for all
  • Decent, safe, and affordable housing for all
  • Equitable and affordable educational opportunity for all persons, without regard to race or socioeconomic status

The Task Force works for these goals by raising awareness and understanding among MDUUC members and others through educational programs and workshops; by mobilizing for public witness to promote economic justice; and by speaking out to change unjust policies, programs, and laws at the local, state, and federal level.


Educational programs and mobilizing for public witness in support of an economy that honors the worth and dignity of all.


To mobilize the congregation in addressing a wide and diverse range of economic injustices.  Locally, we work to support a living wage, fair scheduling practices, and pay equity; to seek justice for black workers and other people of color; and to preserve and enhance our social safety net, including health care and other social benefits, through policies that honor the worth and dignity of every person.

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