The Climate Justice Ministry Team sponsors ongoing activities and educational campaigns on Climate Change. It acts on behalf of the Church based on the Congregational Resolution passed in September 2019:

The Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church recognizes that the climate crisis is a moral and spiritual imperative. This crisis is causing climate stress within our congregation and society. It has deeply impacted our physical and mental well-being and if immediate action is not taken, will end with the destruction of our ecosystem. We, therefore, authorize our ministers, board, and committees to take appropriate actions to address and mitigate this threat.

Current projects include offering a webinar on climate anxiety, disinvestment in fossil fuels, opposition to use of gas blowers, and encouraging Meatless Mondays.


  • MDUUC takes part in the UU denomination’s Green Sanctuary program, which commits the congregation to environmental justice and incorporates sustainability into worship and religious education.
  • The planning and construction of Bortin Fellowship Hall employed green building techniques, including sustainably produced bamboo flooring.
  • Solar power has supplied a large proportion of MDUUC’s electrical usage since the March 2012 implementation of a $200,000 project to install photovoltaic cells at the church.

To join MDUUC’s environmental justice work against climate change, contact the chair of the Climate Action Committee.