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With What Do We Fill Our Hearts?

Here is the meditation we shared in our Vespers service this week. Join us for Vespers at 6:30 p.m. each Wednesday.

Oh friends!

Our streets are empty and yet our hearts are full. Full of worries and anxieties, real-life concerns and imagined predicaments. Our calendars are altered and yet our uncertainty seems to make appointment after appointment. Our choices are restricted and we may long for what we cannot do. And yet our inner freedoms remain: to count our gratitudes daily and even hourly, to take note and celebrate small acts of goodness, to remember that we belong to one another, to think of and act for those most fragile to these dangerous winds of change. Thus we choose the contents of our own hearts and the groundings of our own beings.

So we affirm and offer this:

Name your fears. Hold them and keep them company. Thank them for warning of dangers. Love them and give them pets and pampering. Do not insist they hide in the dark corners of your heart to live and grow only in shame and isolation. Teach them manners and draw boundaries. Tell them in a gentle and firm tone which sides of the lines are theirs to inhabit. In this way, your fears will calm and settle, will move over and make room for the peace and comfort, joy and thanksgiving which will enliven your being. You can prepare your heart with the intention of love.

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