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Why Talking About Climate Change is Cheering

Okay, it seems counter-intuitive, however, I believe our new Climate Justice Team’s leadership and our planned conversation about the rising threat of climate change will actually be heartening this Sunday.

This weekend we will have the first of two forums (the other is September 22) to talk about the pending public witness statement about action on climate change. It feels good to have this before us in this week in which so much is in flux and too much of the news is again negative.

To know that this congregation is preparing to lift its collective voice in defense of our environment is encouraging and a breath of fresh air as once again, our summer warms up.

Educating and speaking up will help us do what we can do as we move through these days above 100 degrees when the only thing that seems hotter than the sidewalk is the rhetoric.

Participating in a discussion, democratically framed, about the common threats we face and our determination to not let them go unaddressed is an invigorating action in the face of the enervating onslaught of bad news. It says we remember that in our faith we do not wait passively for some all-powerful deity to change the world–we educate ourselves, work together and do what we can.

I will cheer for that.

Thanks, Leslie

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