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Why Hate Is Not The Answer and Ignorance Not the Antidote

This morning we awoke to unspeakable news from Christchurch New Zealand where 49 people are now dead and more than 20 others severely injured after attacks on two mosques. This morning the gathering I was at observed silence to hold all those affected by this event which happened during evening prayers.

We struggle to understand one another and we have many fears and much misinformation. Perhaps one act we can take this week is to stop and try to listen to another as they struggle to hear themselves into truth. To do this, we must open our hearts to believe that enough listening and loving and learning is possible, that all can be heard and held.

Tonight, as we end this day, may we do so spending a moment trying to embrace our common humanity. We need one another to survive. Both naming our truths and holding the truths of others is essential.  Through our listening and an expansive approach to loving and welcoming one another, we can make the space to hold the sorrow and the joy of the world.

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