Pastoral Visitors Program

The Pastoral Visitors program complements MDUUC’s ministers and Caring Committee with a lay ministry of support and hope. The program’s volunteers are appointed by the ministers and trained in providing a sustained, caring presence for MDUUC community members and their primary caregivers who are experiencing crises, stressful transitions, or isolation. We provide pastoral services for as long as they are appropriately needed.

What Pastoral Visitors Do  

The program’s volunteers offer personal spiritual support (as opposed to the Caring Committee, which provides logistical, practical support) to all members of the church community regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or culture:

  • Visit the ill at home or in the hospital.
  • Support those going through life crises or transitions.
  • Maintain contact with those unable to attend church due to illness or disability.
  • Support friends or family involved in caregiving.
  • Comfort the bereaved.
  • Sponsor workshops on relevant topics, such as grief or crisis.
  • Convey information regarding community resources.

Collaboration with the Ministers

A close relationship with the ministers is essential for the success of the Pastoral Visitors program and the health of our community. Pastoral Visitors work hand in hand with the ministers to convey an integrated caring presence for the entire church congregation.

How to Contact the Pastoral Visitors

You can request the services of the program by getting in touch with one of our ministers. The ministers make assignments based on their knowledge of the congregant requesting a visitor and the particular skills of individual Pastoral Visitors.