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What are we harvesting?

Though the dry heat of the Santa Ana winds does not necessarily feel like fall, the shorter days are making us suspect it and turning our thoughts to the introspection which is part of the darker times of the year. And because this is also the season of the harvest, I find myself asking, what has been growing and what is being harvested?

Some things are easier to identify—a growing sense that our climate is shifting and that this fall season of turning leaves and carving pumpkins is also a time for the threat of wildfires, poor air and winds is one. A sense that we have a new role in the world, less of a peacekeeper and more of a rogue.

We can ask these kinds of questions in our own frames as well. What are we harvesting in terms of connections? What has been growing which is now bearing fruit? What do we wish to mask in this season of costuming and this week of Halloween? What do we turn to with wonder? What is turning and what is growing within us?

Taking the time to take a walk amid the leaves or to sip a cup of warm tea on a cooling night might prove a way to gain insight, perspective—or more questions.

The turning of the seasons invites the question:

What are we harvesting?

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