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We always have a choice. 1/27/2016

We always have a choice. Sometimes the world gives us what we want and sometimes it does not.  And we always have a choice.

The choice that we have is HOW we respond. We can respond with indifference or engagement, with anger or with openness, with curiosity or with close-mindedness.  In the never-ending run of events, some of which make us estatic and some of which seem tragic, one thing is consistent—we have a choice.

Thinking about that choice is probably important in the times in which we live. Many of us are feeling fearful or uncertain of the direction our nation will take. And as the novelty and shock of that uncertainty wears off, it will be too easy to turn our unease into ungratefulness and irritability with one another, too easy to see the shortcomings in those whom we should shelter and protect.

One of the pernicious parts of being caught in a tide of hate is the way that it triggers fear and loss in us. For many years, those who work with the grieving know that anger and disorientation, hopelessness and disconnection is an almost instinctive reaction for many of us.

Let MDUUC be a sanctuary where we are reminded to care for one another and to extend the spirit of love and unity we wish to see in the world towards one another. Let it also be a place that reminds each and every one of us that we need and deserve to care for ourselves. Together may we renew one another’s spirit and celebrate those moments of joy which make the moments of discouragement surmountable.

In the spirit of love and unity, Leslie
Rev. Leslie Takahashi
Lead Minister

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