Walking the turkeys home…

After a week of extreme weather, I thought some of you might appreciate this antidote….

On Sunday after the joy of participating in our two services and also doing some pastoral assistance, I was on my way home when I got another call from the man who always refers to himself as “the turkeys’ dad.”

You see, the grounds at 55 Eckley have become a favorite roam of two domestic turkeys who have made themselves the darlings of the campus. After the first service, one of them stood by my side as the entire congregation filed out. Almost everyone made a comment and the turkey just stood there patient and proud.  People crowded round to take their pictures or to be photographed with them—hardly anyone went to the justice book sale as the turkeys stole the show! At the start of the second service, people had to squeeze their way into the Sanctuary doors as the turkeys were forceful about wanting to attend that service.

Right before that service started, I got a call from the turkeys’ dad who explained that he needed someone to walk them home as he was not able to do it. I told him we didn’t have time before the service started but that since the brown and white fowl were so popular, I was sure someone would walk them home and I took directions as to how this was to happen.

After the service, though, our brown-and-white friends were nowhere to be seen. A couple of us looked around and couldn’t find them. So after some other work, I was on my way home when I got that second call of the day.  A storm was coming and the turkeys weren’t home yet and could I please go back and check more thoroughly.  “It is 4 pm and they should be roosting by now!”

Oh my.  It was 4 p.m. and I had started my day before 6 am. I thought about it and I realized that I was likely to worry all day on Monday (my day off) if they weren’t accounted for, so I turned around, went back and spent another 30 minutes looking for the odd birds, trying to “think like a turkey” and figure out where they might roost. I looked high, I looked low, I discovered some odd things behind the playground and looked through every piece of equipment as a light rain started to fall.

No luck.  I ended up going home and as the turkeys have visited again this week, I know they survived the storm. In the future, we will walk them home  EARLIER….

The “Other Duties As Assigned” aspect of this job is always a revelation—still, I don’t think I could have ever imagined when I was in seminary that it might include being asked to “walk the turkeys home…..”

May the whimsical offer some brightness in these grey days…..

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