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MDUUC Virtual Art Show

"Celebrating January of New Beginnings"

2020 was full of challenges leaving most of us feeling worried, isolated, and helpless.  But the year also offered a great opportunity to turn toward our creativity, both for the comfort found in familiar work and as a way to search for meaning in a chaotic situation. MDUUC invites you to share the fruits of your artistic labors of love with your church community through our virtual art show.

Meet Our Artists

Mary-Helen Binger

Fiber Artist
"My work in the fiber arts tells the journey of my creative spirit, relentlessly growing, reasserting itself into each decade of my life though I pursued a scientific career in pharmaceutical research. Fiber arts have been a bright thread, connecting the years, saving my sanity, nourishing my soul, and nudging me towards growth on my own unique path. These past several years, I have been weaving and knitting, occasional hand-dying fibers. I've come to believe that the creative spirit dwells in each of us, as an accompanying presence."

John Cardy

Watercolor & Acrylic Painting
"I have been drawing and painting seriously since 2013. Despite a lifetime spent teaching and researching theoretical physics, I have always been interested in the visual arts, and retirement has allowed me to exercise this other side of the brain. My current preferred medium is acrylic, often using large blocks of vivid color, although I also enjoy using pastels and charcoal media. I paint a wide variety of subjects, including abstracts, still life, landscapes and figure painting from life. I like to challenge conventional representations."

Mary Lou Correia

Oil Painting
"An award-winning artist, MaryLou Correia’s inspiration arises from observing nature. Painting on site in both oil and pastel she expresses her deep connection with nature. Influenced by the impressionist’s use of brilliant sensuous layers of color she observes the grace and beauty of nature to capture a vignette in time. Painting loosely with exuberant brush strokes her vibrant color combinations express the changing moods of the landscape. The subtle use of figures stirs the viewer’s imagination. Challenged by painting pure landscape with only the hint of human presence, Her paintings encourage the viewer to appreciate and preserve the landscape for future generations. “ For me the adventure is the process of painting,” says MaryLou, “The meditative absorbing challenge of capturing the moments, a sense of place, painting is my way of cherishing nature and welcoming the surprise and unexpected gentle creatures I meet all the way.”

Steven Falk

Acrylic on Canvas

John Hopper

"There are many ways of looking forward with hope, one is looking back to things that endure time, weather, abandonment, and see them still in our existence, part of the aging and durable world around us. That's why I paint the past in present tense.
I hope you enjoy and endure the challenges that surround us all.
John Hopper"

Anna Kurrent

Fiber Artist
As with many of us, 2020's challenges sometime sapped the creative energy. At the same time, it caused us to dig deeper into our reservoir. Here are my 2 examples.

Maryann Kessler

Fiber Artist

Melanie McIntosh

Acrylic& Watercolor
Art inspired by nature and natural forms has interested me for many years and I love to experiment with related ideas using different mediums. I studied drawing, painting and ceramics as part of my return to school to become an Art Therapist. As I work on a new project, it often becomes a spiritual and meditative process. This is especially true when doing Nature Journaling. Over the past ten years, I continued to learn new techniques with pottery and ceramic sculpture. I also joined abstract multi-media classes using pastels, watercolors, and acrylics. While sheltering-in-place, I took online collage classes and love to share that art form and others with grandchildren and neighbor children.

Diane Parkhill


Anne Pieper

Fiber Artist
I enjoy sewing and I usually use the same pattern. I rarely try to sew something unfamiliar to me.

Judith Rohrer

MIxed Media
I am a mixed-media artist and retired psychotherapist. I graduated from San Francisco State University with a double major of Art and Art History, but detoured away from art to raise a family and have a career until about 8 years ago when I began to make artwork again. I recently completed a series of Figurative Abstract pieces (see website or IG @judithrohrerart) and have decided during the current pandemic to explore several new (to me) approaches to Abstract art. The artworks on display here are a result of that exploration.

Carolyn WarmSun

Acrylic on Canvas
"Carolyn WarmSun Artist Statement The Natural World has been for me a source of wonder and awe, sensory input, and beauty. More important, however, I have become increasingly fascinated with the elegant systems of the natural world and the interconnectedness of things. My education and career in human behavior and psychology, along with a life-long love of Native American philosophy and spirituality and, more recently, an immersion in Buddhism, has enriched this sense of connectedness. My work strives to reflect the spirit of Nature and the nature of Spirit"

Sierra-Lynne White

Acrylic Painting
I feel a close kinship with trees - water - rocks - all of nature. So, many of my paintings are of tree friends - or of nature in general. These are acrylic and drawn from places near to my heart.
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