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The Majesty of The Moon

On Thursday, I saw the moon set and also saw it rise. In the morning I was on my way to an early appointment when I saw it set with great majesty and presence.

At the end of the day, I had a chance to walk the labyrinth once as the moon rose and once with a full moon above us.

For many of us, the natural world’s most majestic parts remind us of that which is larger than ourselves. These two views of the moon held those truths beyond words in this week when we got news of unexpected and unimaginable tragedies and as we as a community continue to wrestle with how we grow into the fullness of who we can be.

This is a week in which I needed to be reminded of the possibility of wholeness as I think many of us did. I saw it not only in the Moon but in the ways we came together at Todos Santos Plaza to mourn those killed in Las Vegas, to walk the Labyrinth and to light candles at our community dinner.

Tomorrow we will take more steps towards joy and possibility, honoring the many conversations I have had with people this year about how we need to be open to new ways of being. The emphasis will be on learning better to see one another and doing a better job of being a community. How we do this in this time when there are so many divisions is not easily charted. We cannot do it by simply saying let’s go back to the way we were 20 years ago. Neither can we do it by saying let’s throw out everything that has had value over the decades. We are charting new ground, seeking the wholeness that I saw it twice yesterday in a full moon and which we also know can be better embodied in our abilities to know one another if we’re open to embracing what we don’t know, not with shame or anger, rather with patience, humility, and joy at journey of growth.

The moon will still be beautiful tonight. I hope you will take some time reflect on its truths. And I hope we will continue to seek wholeness together.
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