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The devil is in the details

The devil is in the details.

Like how strange things cause melancholy and touch that well of sadness that always seems to be lurking around these days.

And how it might be something small and inconsequential. I had this happen when I passed the locker room door at the Y where I had gone to swim outside. The swimming itself was something I wouldn’t normally do. The whole routine, with temperature checks and all a part of this COVID time. The locker room and the worn brown plastic mat outside it reminded me of the old routine—Monday nights with yoga, hot tub, and a shower, and there my heart skipped a beat.

The divine is also in the details.

The way that a small chance encounter with someone you used to see regularly in that “other” life becomes joyful.

The way those who have been your companions are more precious to you now.

The simple pleasures which you take time to savor.

All of this.

The Buddhists say that we must engage in non-attachment, not trying to grasp what cannot be. These days certainly challenge us to practice this on an on-going basis.

Let us keep connecting with that which sustains us, the old things and the new. Step by step. This is how we get through.

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