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Spirit of Life and Love — 1/10/2017

PICO National is asking that we have 20 days of prayer as we enter into this 2017. I am planning to share the amazing ones they are posting on my Facebook and Twitter account and also offer my own every couple days. ‘Cause guess what? I am a Unitarian Universalist and I pray as close to everyday as possible.

Prayer is the deep ask, the appeal that acknowledges that we all have times where we need something larger than ourselves. In the big tent of Unitarian Universalism, many of us see the “more” as writer and teacher David Richo names the holy and sacred, in many forms. Prayer acknowledges that sometimes we do not know the answers and yet asking the questions let us stay engaged, awake and present to that from which we should not look away. Prayer also is a place to practice humility which is something that I need, especially when I am afraid and might need to be too strident.

So here goes…..

Spirit of life and love,
Be with us as we begin this new year. Allow us to name real truths and to see the questions and fears it brings. Allow us to understand that we have no choice but to pay attention and to lend our ears to strain for the sounds of those who may be drowned out under divisive words or silenced by the words of others. In a time when many have been given a license to hate and an absolution from the demands of truth and ethics, let me be active in the kind of love which is a verb and the kind of words which care about facts and about the sanctity of relationship. Spirit, let my vision that Beloved Community is possible not falter and let me be it’s instrument in the world. May we be the ones to make it so.

Tag. You are it. What is your prayer? Your deep ask?

Rev. Leslie Takahashi
Lead Minister

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