Contact: TBD
We collaborate with service organizations such as Contra Costa Interfaith Housing, Trinity Center, and Shelter, Inc. We partner with housing advocacy organizations to support systemic changes in planning communities that include housing for all economic levels.
Contact: Daphne Drescher
We recognize that the climate crisis is a moral and spiritual imperative. This crisis is causing climate stress within our congregation and society. As such we work within the community to support systemic changes that can improve our environment and reform policies that have led to this climate crisis.
Contact: TBD
We aim to educate the congregation about immigration issues, to raise awareness among the congregation about the plight of immigrants in this country, and to witness and advocate for justice for immigrants, including comprehensive reform of our immigration system.
Contact: TBD
We aim to support and work with our community partners like the Rainbow Community Center in promoting and uplifting the lives of Queer (LGBTQIAA+) people. We are guided by our principle that all people have inherent worth and dignity.
Contact: Elsie Mills
We collaborate with other multiracial communities and faith-based organizations to be a radically inclusive religious community that feeds the human spirit and creates justice and compassion in our community through spiritually grounded action. We envision a society where we struggle together with love for justice, human dignity, and a sustainable world.
Contact: Peggy Kroll
Understanding that our seeking collective liberation and justice is an ever-unfolding and changing process, there are a number of emerging areas of justice that we are actively gaining more experience and community connections. Some of these task forces include: Defending Democracy (Protecting the Vote), Gun Justice, Incarceration Justice, Healthcare Justice