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Smallest Slivers of Light

Last month when the moon cycled away into darkness, it seemed to take a long time for the smallest sliver of moon to reappear. In this time we are in when we seem to cherish our little signs of comfort, I thought perhaps I was just imagining this. Yet several people also remarked to me that they noticed that we had an unsually long string of moonless nights.

How delighted I was to see that infant moon rising over the Lime Ridge behind the church last week. Fresh and luminous, fragile and yet with a strong and radiant light which seemed especially beautiful in the absence of light. Every night since I have celebrated that moon—after meetings at night or during the last walk of the day with a dog in tow, I have felt a gladness and a lightening of the heart. Absence, it seems, truly makes the heart grow fonder.

And so it is that we especially need the light of connection and relationship, whether it is with the renewal of nature of the comfort of relationship. What is sit that you find especially precious right now and do you take a moment of gratitude?

That moon is now an adolescent, with greater power and confidence and yet for me still with a special aura because it was so awaited.

Gratitude is a great light which brightens the darkness of night.

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