Seasonal beauty

This week it seems as if fall has snuck up upon us, bringing many forms of beauty in just a few short days. The full moon with its companion clouds graced the sky over the church on Thursday, creating beautiful fall tableaux. Leaves falling gracefully twist in their flight like dancers in some modern artistic composition. The roadways are lined with colored trees and in the last few days, their colors were mirrored in the puddles which bedecked the pavement. After the rainstorm, I noticed that the turkeys seemed to be particularly iridescent and proud of it.

Summer could still return to our midst and winter could come early so we might want to take these precious days and notice the coming of the special gifts of fall. Fall has long been my favorite season and perhaps I’m noticing it more this year because it seems like something we can enjoy again. They say the veil between veils between the world of the living and the world of the dead are thinnest this time of year and so we travel through this beauty with good companions. May the gifts of fall brighten your week.

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