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Savoring the Morning Stars

The days are getting longer. Soon it will be harder to see the morning stars which are so bright in the darkest months of the year. This winter, those stars seemed poised to answer those unanswerable questions that wake one up so early in the morning. Many mornings of late, I have been grateful to see the fading brilliance of the night’s companions.

I used to be a night owl and still often walk at night to see the stars and communing with them. Now it seems more predictable that I will be talking to them as a new day dawns. In this early morning hours, they have been a welcome audience for containing those questions for which no known answers. The stars, I find, are very sympathetic listeners.

As we approach the end of another winter that wasn’t, I find myself oddly wanting more time with darkness (and rain!). I would wish for the world to give us the space to figure out as a society enough people how we can live in love with one another, how we can build up anew, how we can be friends in bravery with one another.
Before they fade from manageable hours, may you have some time to commune with the morning stars.


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