Rental Information

Please note that at this time, we may restrict the number of people allowed in the spaces due to the COVID-19 pandemic and local mandates.

<h2>Sanctuary</h2><br />Our worship space (no religious symbols evident) accommodates 299 people in upholstered chairs.


The Sanctuary is ideal for people of all faiths and beliefs, as well as for inter-faith or secular ceremonies, as it has no traditional religious symbols. A small changing room is provided for wedding parties. The entire site is wheelchair accessible, and there is free Wi-Fi access from most locations. This space can accommodate up to 299 people.

Bortin Hall 1

Bortin Hall

Bortin Fellowship Hall can be set up with tables to seat up to 200 people, or as theater seating for up to 335 people, and has a grand piano.

Owl Room

Owl Room

The Owl Room can be set up as a conference room or a lecture room for 10-40 people.

Childrens Chapel

Children's Chapel

This room can be set up in a lecture configuration for up to 50 people or tables for 25. There is a piano available.