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Rejuvenation As a Goal

Some of us have the privilege of having something in mind in the coming months that will restore our soul, others will have to find small ways to make that happen. For all, some reflections on rejuvenation:

First, you remember a time when things were easier, more filled with beauty, more marked by love. You set your sites on that space and you set your course for those coordinates. You do some calculations, about how change vectors your route and about how time lapses and refocuses our sense of what is wanted and needed. Then, step by wavering step, you begin the walking meditation back to the center of who you are and what you want in your life. This is the essence of rejuvenation, this is the essence of renewal and restoration.

Even if you do not think you will remember a time when life seems more whole, invite yourself into that reverie. Even if you think the axis of the world has shifted so much that there is no more true north, lift your eyes towards the stars. Even if you are no longer quite so fresh in your trust or eager to engage, trust and engage in the spirit of possibility. The path of renewal is before you and you are the traveler for that path. Everything you know and need for that journey is within you.

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