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Recommit for love. Resist despair.

I say gently to all who are in shock this morning that I am not. I am in mourning. That ignorance and fear could have such power is something that many of us already know. That the world will touch you and hurt you at the place where you are most vulnerable is something many of us have already experienced. And that within each of us is a strength that we have not known before that we have is also true. Love is not a panacea, it is a powerful counterforce to fear and ignorance. Be gentle with your mind and body and spirit today. others who are also now mourners for life. Watch for those who are most affected by oppression to lead. Commit to a deeper engagement which is the work of Beloved Community and not turning away in disgust which is only an option for the privileged. Know your strengths. Recommit for love. Resist despair.

Rev. Leslie Takahashi

Lead Minister

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