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Random Acts of Resistance By Goats

This has been a summer of being reminded to find Joy where you can. Yesterday was a long and somewhat strenuous day marked by a number of disconcerting things including a gauge going off in my car where I was far from help.

When I stopped to check my oil, I felt this sense of presence behind me and I looked up to see Heidi the goat. I knew her name because she was wearing a large tag which just made me made me feel like I was at Coffee hour or something. Exhausted at this point in the day, I simply said to her, OH, have you come to help me check the oil? And then I went back into the car to check the manual again because the last two years have been such that haven’t been inside that engine very much.

When I came back out, the paper filter for pouring the oil was gone.. Heidi looked rather pleased with herself. Oh I said well you are a goat so I suppose you ate my filter. Feeling a little discouraged, I decided to wait and not put the oil in the car.

Later, talking to a friend I realized that I was about to put the oil in the wrong place and had I put the oil where I was going to put it could have cost me hundreds of dollars. So today I am grateful for random acts of resistance by goats….

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