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Random acts of kindness and power

The last few weeks have brought many unsettling events with earthquakes and fires, smoke and dangerous air. When I also encountered air delays on Tuesday, with my health still affected by the difficulties breathing, I found it affected me more than normal.

Boarded a flight, was informed my connecting flight was canceled, got off the plane, tried to get on another and could not because of a software glitch, delayed luggage and a leak in my water bottle which erased part of my calendar all before noon.

So I was delighted to meet a hospitality dog dressed as a bumblebee in honor of Halloween and her companion who was a former resident of San Ramon. The fact that this pair spends time each week simply offering a site for furry pats was comforting.

And the next day, at the worship starting the Harper-Jordan symposium, when strains of joyous music and clapping began, my soul was caressed. Small items which would have been pleasant in other weeks were truly joyful in the context of this one.

This week I hope something invigorated your soul.

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