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Raising a flag

I took a little time from the busy preparations for our Flower Communion and the congregation’s annual meeting to go to the first ever raising of the rainbow flag as part of the LBGTQ Pride Month. This was the first time that the city of Walnut Creek had participated and it was good to see the enthusiastic crowd who gathered to be part of this small, positive moment in history.

Ken Richards, a long time community activist who has collaborated with our congregation on many issues affecting the LBGTQ community and who also organizes the demonstrations around child separation spoke to the crowd without a microphone and yet his words rang out loud and clear. In this year, which marks the 50th anniversary of the events at Stonewall, he spoke about the hope that is given by the raising of this flag.

I was glad to be among the handful of MDUUC members free to be witnesses at this event and to see people with whom we have grieved, celebrated, marched, petitioned and testified over the years.

Small moments of affirmation for the beauty of each person are as important as large moments of disrespect and loss. The sight of that bright, still-wrinkled-from-the-box flag furling and unfurling gave a moment of happiness. When you drive down Main Street in Walnut Creek this month, take a moment to look at that rainbow of hope and be glad.

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