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Prayer in defense of acting when times seem hopeless. 01/14/2017

Spirit of life and love and unity, God of many names. Remind me to take the actions that I know I should take, even when it seems as if those actions may not always have the impact I might want. Remind me that to act in accordance with my beliefs and values emboldens me to live more fully into my life. And in a world in which hatred has become a currency, remind me that my currency is love. This is a prayer in defense of acting in times when action seems hopeless. This is a reminder that something larger holds us and that my deep ask of prayer is my connection to “the more” and to that which is large enough to hold hope when sometimes I cannot hold it alone. Remind me that it matters what I do, and it matters that I ask these deep requests beyond myself. And Spirit, help me also to know that my small acts of Hope may inspire acts of hope in others.
On days when I am tired, when I am worn, when I am lethargic with spirit and face the ways that human beings can hide themselves in their fears instead of in possibility, let me be inspired by the small, futile acts of others as well.

Spirit of Life, remind me that in our small actions we hold and keep and preserve the greatest hopes of the world. May I be one of those who makes it so.

Rev. Leslie Takahashi
Lead Minister


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