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Prayer for the people on this day. 1/20/2017

Spirit of life and love and unity, God of many names whose living form is love, let our heart be with those who need to know that hope is still with our grasp. Be with the ones who are hurting and who fear they will do do without the necessary balm of health care. Be with the families who are fearful of being torn asunder. Be with the children who need a safe and violence-free environment, and schools with a mission to teach curiosity and not close-mindedness. Be with the ones who have struggled to claim who they are and who are now vulnerable to being targeted. Be with women who know their basic well-being tied to their right to protect the sanctity of their bodies. Be with the scientists who are watching their life work being dishonored and dismembered and who hold the facts of the damage being done to our planet in quiet despair. Be with the unemployed whose longing for jobs with dignity had embittered their hope. Be with the un-housed and the growing number of young people from all economic backgrounds who are numbing their dystopian dread with addictions. Be with the religious minorities who have yet to see the freedom promised in this land. Be with the bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender, queer and questioning who are too easily scapegoated by those threatened by change. Be with the people of color and those who have worked for centuries to recognize the true promise of a more perfect union. Be with each and every one of us who wishes to believe in the worth and dignity of every person and the power of love over hate. Be with us all, hear this prayer to and of the people, and may we never forget that we are bound in that inescapable network of mutuality and not look away when our neighbor is threatened in the days to come. In the spirit of love and unity reason and tolerance and hope, we pray. May we be the ones to make it so.

Rev. Leslie Takahashi
Lead Minister

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