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One thing about my job…

One thing about my job is I got to see how many people go the extra mile and do that little thing that makes a difference.

In the last couple weeks it has been the volunteers who have made our biggest fundraiser work and the people on the team working to make sure that our sanctuary guest gets an amazing array of medical and others services needed for someone who has been through such terrible circumstances; the people that show up faithfully and regularly and do things that provide a space of comfort for so many. And this afternoon, I sat for an hour with a group of 10 people who were all getting certified in CPR. We had our own dedicated circle learning these lifesaving techniques last Saturday but pastoral needs took me away from my planned attendance so I signed up to do it this week.

At the beginning of the class, the instructor had us all talk about why we were there and one man told a story about his wife who was in a gymnasium when a 30-year-old basketball player had a major heart attack and would have died except that she was CPR trained.

One of my dearest friends just had a heart attack like that–at a young age and out of the blue. Though I rarely see her, I had lunch with her yesterday and that made me especially grateful for her continued life and friendship. Made me wonder who I owed my gratitude to for her precious life and made me once again aware of how much we need one another…

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