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On the Other Side of History

On the other side of History, we will say that we were there and that we showed up and that we cared and we gave with conviction and generosity of our lives’ energy to protect the lives of others.

On this side of history, we worry and complain about what is the right thing to do and how we should be present in complicated situations that lack simple and time-efficient answers. We wonder if we can really make a difference and, with no guarantee that we can, if it is worth giving of our precious time and our energy so sapped by this hurtful world. We wonder if we should risk the scorn of those who tell us not to get involved, not to make waves, not to stir the pot. We wonder if we are strong or brave enough and those fears are real.

Yet on the other side of history, our children and our neighbor’s children’s children will ask, what did you do? How are you present, how did you make a difference s you could, even in small ways? Did you witness? Did you march? Did you put yourself on the line? Or if you could not did you telephone or write or fax or email? They will look at us with trusting eyes, sure of the answer they expect. They will want to know how we made real that fierce love they know we profess. On this side of history, let us not forget questions they will ask. As we care for ourselves, let one of those acts of caring be to give energy to creating the world in which we wish to live and shape the world we will leave those who will live within it.

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