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November 6, 2011 – “Communities of Memory and Hope”

November 6, 2011 – “Communities of Memory and Hope” – Revs. Leslie and David Takahashi Morris and Rev. Dave Sammons.


People sometimes ask, “Why should UU’s care about our history and traditions where we’re open to so many spiritual paths?” Because he believes deeply in the uniqueness and importance of our Unitarian and Universalist past, after he retired as our minister, Dave Sammons was asked to teach in this area at Starr King.

He believes our congregations are not just places where things happen now, but are communities of memory and hope, which is what he’d like to talk about on this first Sunday back in our pulpit since he retired as our minister. Included in this service will be a ritual in which Dave, Leslie, and David will covenant with each other as he returns in his much different role as our Minister.


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