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It Is Time to Bid4Love 2020!
Your Donations Needed TODAY!

Bid4Love 2020! Yes, it may feel like an odd time to remind folks that MDUUC’s annual fundraiser is quickly approaching. But, YES, it’s almost here: Bid4Love 2020! Clearly, these are times like no other and our Bid4Love 2020 events will reflect the necessary precautions of…


Creative Fundraising Provides Vital Support to MDUUC Through COVID Times

Walnut Creek, CA based Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church (MDUUC) is one of the faith communities successfully navigating the transition to virtual operation during COVID-19. Nationwide the struggle is real. A poll in Church Law & Tax reports that two-thirds of churches report declines in…


Religious Leaders Denounce Excessive Use of Force

*** Media Advisory *** Religious Leaders Denounce Excessive Use of Force FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 4, 2020 WALNUT CREEK – Religious leaders announced that they will gather at 6:30 p.m. tonight at the corner of Civic and Broadway to release statements and express their concern…


MDUUC Board Announces Virtual Congregational Meeting June 21st

Last week board president Steve Hirsch announced that MDUUC’s board of trustees (which includes Lead Minister Rev. Leslie Takahashi) will host the annual congregational meeting VIRTUALLY on June 21, 2020, after a ‘shorter than usual’ worship service. There will be two virtual forums in the…


We Are Better Together

Our congregation votes on by-laws, budgets and important actions at our annual meeting, traditionally held in the sanctuary on a Sunday in early June. Your board typically hosts Congregational Forums prior to the annual meeting, to share information, recommendations and facilitate dialogue and member input…


MDUUC Board of Trustees Approves Additional Week Extension for Renowned Winter Nights Program

Last week the board of trustees for MDUUC voted unanimously to extend its hosting of Winter Nights program by an additional week, for four full weeks total. This will enable remaining guests the convenience of no further moves prior to transitioning to housing arrangements now…


Board Approves Measures for Virtual Governance

MDUUC’s 10-person board of trustees conducted a first all-board ZOOM meeting Tuesday, March 24, 2020, approving multiple measures to strengthen and streamline virtual governance in this demanding time – as well as authorize needed repairs. Following a unanimous vote via email last week to approve…


Winter Nights Update

Even with the recent COVID-19 changes, the amazing team at Winter Nights still needs our help!!  Our involvement has changed significantly; now there will be no need for any physical volunteers (this includes meal prep, cleaning and laundry services).  Instead, we are switching our volunteer website…


Weekly Announcement – March 20, 2020

Thanks for all you are doing to stay connected as we navigate the end of this first week of sheltering in place.  Please continue to try out the new ways of connecting and keep us informed about how you and others in our community are doing. …

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