Moving Abundance

For me, this is the season of moving water.

That means taking water from one place and putting it another, mainly in my rain barrels. In between storms, I rush out and try to make sure that the water is stored for the very dry days coming in the summer. I am always a little disturbed when I wind up with more water than I can use, even after filling the five rain barrels. I want to keep moving water, even when I should be doing other winter prep things like starting seedlings to transplant to the garden or continuing to enhance and nurture the soil.

In this season of abundance, I rejoice in rain–water that comes from the sky! Okay, I admit, sometimes the gray and the inconvenience can make me a little bit grumbly. I can’t help but wishing for less abundance in January and February and more in July and August when now, because of climate change, we fear fire season. Yet by moving water, I recognize that we will have times of abundance—and times of scarcity. In this world of so many extremes, robust survival is somewhat dependent on our ability to bank abundance so we can use it when scarcity is the frame.

In terms of my wider sense of abundance, I tried to do that as well. Enjoying good company knowing that some days will be spent more alone, or enjoying beauty because days will dawn when everything seems pretty ho-hum and utilitarian. I try to savor peaceful moments and times of exhale to them to build my spiritual muscles because we know that ahead of us are times of ferment. By setting habits to recognize the return of plentitude, we prepare for the inevitable times of spiritual drought.  This era of  extreme weather is often a time of excess—too much wind or too much rain or too much snow or too much dryness, instead of the more moderate balance that we used to know.

So in these weeks of abundant rainfall, perhaps the drops on your windshield or your windows–or even on your head!–can serve to remind you to savor abundance where we find it, and to use these times of richness to document the joy for the days when we will long for their healing delights.

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