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MDUUC Remains A Sanctuary For Our Time

Dear Ones,

Last week was a difficult week for our beloved Association. Three difficult events prevailed.

First, an on-going conversation about racial bias in the hiring practices of the Association sounded loudly and became an increasingly divisive conversation on social media. Though the need for such a conversation is always regrettable, it also is a sign of our willingness to aspire to be a religious tradition accountable to those historically underrepresented among us. Courageous leadership and a willingness to speak out has allowed for this honest conversation about a topic many do not even aspire to discuss.

Second, as an outgrowth of this conversation, Rev. Peter Morales resigned as UUA president. You can read his resignation letter here:

On the same day as the resignation, UU Minister Ron Robinson was indicted on  charges of accessing child pornography. This is a personal tragedy and also one about which we wish to be completely transparent. You should know that he has already been suspended from Fellowship as a Unitarian Universalist minister pending charges because our policies and the consequences of such actions are clear in our Association. Addiction and mental health issues are tragic and we are all shaken by this incident of what has become a growing concern in our society as a whole in this age of virtual contact.

In the midst of this, the healthy flourishing of our congregation, Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church is even more important.  We are glad tor our Covenant of Right Relations and our willingness to use it to ensure safe and appropriate interactions within our community. While taking time for sorrow and regret about these developments in our larger movement, we remain committed to our Make It So goals and our plans to move forward as a sanctuary congregation. Though regrettable and sorrowful, these events cannot distract us from our path to make a difference in lives here in our area. More than ever, we are called to be a leader in putting our faith in action.

Please feel free to reach out with your concerns, especially as we know that some will find these especially difficult.  Though I am out of town until Thursday, Revs. David Usher and Ranwa Hammamy are available

In the spirit of love and unity, Leslie

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