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How Does Love Conquer Fear?

In a time of struggle and strife, when the world seems out of sorts with itself, remember that fear is a tool. Fear keeps us safe and helps us to survive. Fear deserves to be named and shared and brought into the sunlight. Denied and deserted, fear is a magnet for hate and for destruction. While facing the destructive edges of the fears of others, let us not deny our own fears and leave ourselves vulnerable to the same distortions. What would it be like if we, as people in a tradition which affirms worth and dignity, offer our hope and help into the world. And if our naming proves courageous. And our courage contagious. What would it be like if our fears and our naming of those fears be in the spirit of love?

How can we together create spaces brave enough where we can hold our courage and our fear? In this brave space, may we know truth. In this truth, may we find solace. In this solace, may we calm our own hearts by releasing the fluttering wings of fears from the confines of those good places. May we name together what echoes in the recesses of our mind—what we fear may happen and also what we hope may happen. Together may we know our power to be a force for love.

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