Winter Nights Rotating Shelter Program

Online training efforts

Winter Nights At MDUUC

Each year for a decade now, MDUUC has taken part in the Winter Nights Rotating Shelter Program. As one of the participating congregations throughout central and east Contra Costa, MDUUC offers a clean, safe, and warm shelter to homeless families with children for two weeks each winter, serving up to 30 persons at any one time.

All volunteers are required by Winter Nights to complete boundary training.  Our training program can be found below and is about 1.5 hours in duration.  Please watch it and submit the certification form at the bottom of this page when done!  Without this certification, you will not be invited to volunteer as it is for the safety of our guests and you!

You will need about 1.5 hours to complete this training.  Please watch the video to the left and ensure that you send any and all questions to Rev. Rodney (


Please review the COVID guidance to the right and ensure that you send any and all questions to Rev. Rodney (


If you are interested in signing up as a LEAD for one or more of our Winter Nights Meal slots, you will need to be certified in California's Serve Safe food handling program.  You can join the ~3-5 hour self-paced, online training program at the following link:

While this certification costs, MDUUC will cover the certification fee for you.  Please contact Rev. Rodney if that is something in which you wish to take part!

NOTE: This is NOT required for non-lead meal preparation volunteers. Our policy is to have the LEAD be certified in these standards of food handling for everyone's safety.

Once you have reviewed the video above and the COVID guidelines, please use the button below to complete the training documentation.  This is a prerequisite to be included in the Winter Nights program.  All training should be complete NO LATER than March 24th, please!